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Acquisition Of Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

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Acquisition Of Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

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Turkey offers protection and ease of doing business by Foreign Direct Investment Law, Bilateral Investment Protection Treaties with 75 countries, Treaties to avoid Double Taxation with 80 countries. Turkey’s Education System has been upgraded to support a skilled labor pool that meets business requirements. 846,000 while graduates from vocational and technical high school approx. Labor cost per hour in manufacturing is quite low in comparison with France, USA, UK, Germany, Hungry, Polland and many other manufacturing countries.
turkish citizenship by investment
Another Western country that’s open to business people from Turkey is the United States. If your dream is to quickly relocate stateside, you can use the E-2 investor visa to get the process started. You need to invest $250,000 in real estate in Turkey to become eligible for a passport and there are no restrictions on what you buy.

Turkish Citizenship By Investment: Benefits Of Second Passport

Although this might not be what is officially listed, we’ve been made aware of several occasions where people attended an appointment with a different address listed than that on the application. As long as all the documentation meets the criteria, in those instances they’ve changed the details in the system on their end at the time of the appointment and there’s been no real issue. You might want to consult 157 and see if even they give the go ahead if you want total peace of mind.
turkish citizenship by investment
Foreign investors should make a minimum capital investment of USD 500,000 or a different foreign currency or Turkish lira equivalent. This amount, which was USD 2,000,000 before, was reduced to USD 500,000 after the amendment. The capital investment made should be determined through the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Citizenship Invest appoints a Document Collection Specialist for each case.

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Kosuyolu is a district in Istanbul, located on the Anatolian side of the city. This cosmopolitan area sits on the Asian side of Istanbul and is conveniently located near Bosporus. Kosuyolu, located within the Kadikoy region, is a blend of commercial and residential properties.

US investors can obtain a Turkish passport in just two months through property purchase at just $250,000. Turkey draws foreign investment in real estate, offering one of the most affordable options globally and a wide range of properties from studio apartments to luxurious villas. The newly designed Georgia On My Line website offers a really person-friendly marketplace shopping experience for users.

Turkish Citizenship Application

Create employment for at least fifty-people, provide them with social security and keep at least fifty employed for a minimum term of three years. Turkey with its increasing 83 million population, is always a popular destination for leisure and business. In this article, we would like to share with you why we think Turkey Citizenship is a perfect investment option for you and why you should buy it.

  • You can avail Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in the country worth $250,000 at least.
  • Turkey’s passport just doesn’t compare to many of the other passports from jurisdictions that offer CBI, e.g. countries in the Caribbean.
  • Foreigners under temporary protection cannot work independently or cannot be employed without a legally issued work permit.
  • After receiving your Turkish citizenship, you must hold the property for at least 3 years, after which you can resell the property or hold for 5 years to avoid capital gains tax.
  • It has also been reported that once your application has been processed in Ankara, you are in the electronic system and can technically leave and enter Turkey without any issues.

For those being employed by the public institutions and organizations, such registration is voluntary. Turkey Revises Quarantine Rules For Pakistani Students, Work Permit Holders In the visa processing, it is required to track the travel history of the applicant. Following is the list of documents required for Turkey Work visa for Indians.


The Turkish Citizenship By Investment Program ticks all the boxes, from its the investment requirement to the speed of application. Find out more about how you can obtain a Turkish passport for you and your family within 5 months, or contact us for more information. If the foreign buyer has a bank account in a Turkish bank, he/she can make the transfer from that account too. Even though the payment is made in dollar, the price of the property will be written in Turkish Lira on the title deed. The exchange rate will be adopted according to the current day’s effective selling rate of official Turkish Central Bank.
turkish citizenship by investment
Many of these countries allow Turkish citizens to stay 30 to 90 days without any visa requirement and also some countries grant visas upon arrival or issue electronic visas upon online application. Your wife/husband and children under 18 years old can acquire citizenship together with you at the same time. The length of time law firm that applications for citizenship in Turkey depends on the specific circumstances of the applicant but updates can be obtained from the Interior Ministry. Under the terms and conditions of Citizenship Law No. 5901, you can re-apply to the governorship of your place of residence again if your application is rejected.

The purchased real estate must not be solid for the next three years and needs to be annotated for that in title deed. Once the final passport is issued, investors enjoy all the privileges of being a formal Turkish citizen, with options to relocate to the UK or US facilitated through the special visa routes available. Following five years of residency, applicants have the right to apply for citizenship.
turkish citizenship by investment
Upon your entrance to the country, you must visit the concerned Police Department within 30 days and obtain your residence permit. Once you apply for the work visa; your work permit application folder which also contains the documents of the Employer; will be submitted to the Ministry of Labor. Then; you should wait until the MoL gives an outcome; probably comes wihtin 30 days. A person can lodge an application as a “Turkish Worker” and to apply under this category, will need to prove that you have legally been working in the UK for at least 1 year. After you prepare the required documents, you should submit them to Ministry of Labour and Social Security. With your work permit, you will be able to work and run your business in Turkey.

State-of-the-art technology ambulance fleets were formed with 5,400 fully-equipped vehicles and 19 aircraft. The budget set aside for healthcare services was increased from 19 billion TRY to 190 billion TRY over the past 17 years. We will manage everything for you, buying, renting, reselling your properties, we provide all real estates services in more than 20 tourist and trading regions in Turkey for all seekers around the globe. A foreigner holds a bank deposit of at least $ 500,000.00 for a period of three years, under the supervision of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency . A foreign business owner who, through his investment, creates job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens, and this is what the Ministry of Labor and Social Security states. AAA Associates is a UAE-based immigration services company that specializes in the most in-demand areas of immigration and Citizenship by investment field.
turkish citizenship by investment
Depending on this commitment, if it is approved, permission will be granted for the first 6 months, and in the next process, a renewal application will be made and the commitment will be expected to be fulfilled. You may be asked to provide the missing documents at the points with question marks about the content of your application within the time given to you. If the missing documents are not provided in the requested process, it may cause a negative process for your application. Work permit applications cannot be made by the employee, but can only be made through the employer. Projects under the second tranche are to be contracted by the end of 2020 but, at the time of writing, EU countries have not committed to further funding. Until recently, non-Syrian refugees applying for international protection would register with the Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants , an implementing partner of the UN Refugee Agency in Ankara.

The holders of this card benefit from all rights granted to the foreigners who have a work permit for an indefinite period. The spouses and children of holders of this card are granted a document which functions as an indefinite residence permit. If your residence permit expires within a month, your work permit application might be rejected.

With numerous “Citizenship by investment” programs around, it can be more confounding to pick the correct option under reliable cost. So, it becomes important for you to pick the one where you don’t have to overspend. Select Turkey citizenship by investment and pay just what fulfills your needs. When the civil war broke out in Libya, Turkey is the only country that evacuated 15 thousand Turkish citizens from the country without any problems. Being a citizen of the star of the future, which is growing day by day, respecting the rights of its citizens protecting its citizens, that is, being a Turkish citizen is a privilege that will add value to you. Let’s explain with a few examples, when the corona virus first appeared in China, no one wanted to take their citizens from China, but Turkey evacuated its citizens with the planes they sent and brought them to Turkey.

Qualifications For An English Teacher In Turkey For A Work Permitenglish Jobs Turkey On the other hand, they are at the risk of missing the deadline, as they are obliged to travel long distances. In addition to this, asylum seekers will get additional/extra fifteen days in order to present valid documents to the authorities. However, it needs to be taken into account that asylum seekers do not usually have any valid documents while crossing the borders. The time and expense involved in obtaining work permits for both Syrian and non-Syrian refugees are quite demanding.
turkish citizenship by investment
But since they drastically dropped the rates, Turkey’s CBI program has flourished. And the final nail in the coffin was the massive surplus of real estate that just sat there. The country’s current-account deficit stood at nearly $34 billion in 2016. To understand how the Turkish CBI program came to be, we need to understand what sort of situation the country found itself in four years ago. If you are going to invest in Turkey and get its passport, it would only be wise to carefully monitor the political and socio-economic developments there.
turkish citizenship by investment
It takes 3 to 4 months from lodging your application to receiving your Turkish passport. If you’re a Turkish citizen, you’re entitled to medical help free of charge, both for you and your family members. Sure, public health in Turkey isn’t of the top-level quality that you might want, but it’s a great back-up option. You would need to apply for a business person visa, initiate the move, and eventually even get a British citizenship if you so choose. A lot of countries in the world have bilateral agreements with Turkey for a visa-free travel regime. These include Japan, Mexico, South Korea and pretty much all of Latin America.
turkish citizenship by investment
Purchasing a property or other types of investment of certain limits may give foreigners a path to Turkish Citizenship. Application processes especially when dealing with bureaucratic and legal processes are usually difficult to understand. We try to explain the application process for the Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program as simply as possible. The support in the application process and the communication from the consultants of GCI was excellent all the time. Traveling to and within Europe is very pleasant with the Turkey passport. This second citizenship has greatly simplified the opportunities to expand my international business.

According to Article 1 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 403, citizens born to one or both Turkish parents have the right to get citizenship at once. Alternatively, if a mother and father are successful in their applications, this is extended to the children. After holding your investment for 3 years, you can cash out your investment. The Turkish property market has an average capital appreciation of 12% annually. Turkish passport holders are entitled to visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to more than 110 countries including Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

If you’re planning on moving to Turkey long-term or in the future, the government provides pension programs for citizens. Turkey is the perfect location between East and West to establish any business, with international links and government schemes to encourage investment and SME businesses. Let’s begin by looking at why becoming a Turkish citizen through property investment is advantageous. We are specialized in criminal law, cyber law, immigration law, property law, real estate and divorce cases.